Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Femamom and Kathleen Hanna

I have come to a full circle about my Golden Age.

I was having a moment the other day. Fantasizing about time travel like Owen Wilson did in Woody Allen's new flick, Midnight in Paris. My little dream world came to a halt when Ali, a commenter, told me that, nah, maybe 1978 was not so great for a 19-year-old in NYC. That I could have gone back a few more years and really got the goods and been surrounded by artists that were at the peak, not past peak. So, I appreciated this comment.

And then I ran into this video of Kathleen Hanna. (See below.) She is the original Riot Grrrrl. The OG of female badasses. More, she's married to my high school crush, The King Adrock. That is my name 'cause I know the fly spot where the got the champagne. Adam Horowitz. Beastie Boy. (Okay, my crush on Adrock, not so original. Because who didn't have a crush on him in 1986?)

But when I saw Kathleen Hanna's explanation of how "Smells Like Teen Spirit" came about (she talks about a drunken night together with Kurt and I don't want to give it away), I immediately went back to 1991. Lollapalooza. The first time I saw Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. When I saw Paw at Rock Candy in Seattle on my cross country trip with my girlfriend (we listened to Paw and the Chili Peppers that whole trip). We even ran into Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament the same night. When I saw Henry Rollins at CBGB's. (I was very into hard core rock at that time.) And I thought. Hey, you know what? My heyday wasn't so fucking bad. 1991 ROCKED.

Maybe I'll take this as good segue to introduce a NEW blog that I'm working on called Femamom, a literary website/magazine about edgy tales from parenthood. Another writer friend and I are working on it together--it's taken me 40 years to FINALLY do some groundbreaking stuff of my own. Maybe now I've finally become a punk rocker? 40 can be ground breaking too. This is what I'm learning. We're looking for lots of fringe voices--so please check us out.

Below is a video of Kathleen Hanna's story about that night with Kurt. Well worth watching the entirety.  Adam H. makes an appearance at the end.

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