Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chicken Coops, Susan Orlean, And My Chicken Envy

Susan Orlean loves chickens. (I love chickens too and wrote this new article about chicken coops, dog houses, and kitty lairs for Organic Authority. Check it out.)

Back to Susan Orlean. Can we also take a look at her patio? The bluestone terrace. Hello view.

Can we also talk about how she seems to know all of her chicken's names. Mary, who is so loud. I'm cracking up.

I follow Ms. Orlean on twitter and her obsession with her birds really does make me smile. She's like a little chicken lady. With her intricate stories. Her attention to details. Her chicks in a box.

I wonder how Elke would react if we had chickens. Scrambling around squealing about eggs. It's why I chose a specific nursery school for her next year. There will be a LIVE CHICKEN in her classroom. And while I find this adorable, who will clean up the chicken's poop? Will we ever stop talking about eggs? Maybe I'd write a story about a woman who collected eggs. She had so many eggs that she was afraid a few would break. Don't you feel that way on a day to day basis about parenting? I feel that way. That the eggs will all break sometimes. Or that I will be the one breaking them.

This morning I woke up and said to Andy, "I hate the hot weather." (It's 100 degrees here today in NJ.) Can we move somewhere cold? Somewhere with a farm and chickens? Somewhere like this--we escaped to the North Fork of Long Island in late March and ended up at this farm/vineyard called Old Field. Merlot, amazing. The North Fork is on the Long Island Sound and is known for its vineyards. We stayed at a bed and breakfast for two nights. Freezing but glorious.

Chickens to the left of me.

Water to the right. (Can you see the Sound at the end of the dirt road?) It's there.

Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

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