Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Vegetarian Grows Some Antlers

Have I lost my ever-loving mind?

I picked up these babies at Brimfield (see more about what I got here) and though I love them, I wonder if I've gone off the deep edge.

The inspiration comes from Jenna Lyons' house--the J.Crew director has a collection of antlers in her dining room. (Uh, I stole her idea about the wire Bertoia chairs too. Though I promise you, mine were $100 each because they're fakes, unlike Ms. Lyons, who, of course, has the real thang.)

The plan is to hang them in some sort of fashion here in my dining room corner just under my paper mache goat (at least that's what Elke calls it). The pictures will find another home. 

Did I mention that one of the antlers has teeth still connected at the back of the plaque. TEETH. I stopped eating red meat at 10 years old. That's 30 years of not putting red meat in my belly. Chicken? I cut that out at 21. I'm a tofu/fish girl. 

And now? Now I'm hanging antlers in my dining room. Someone call Freud. 

Maybe I need a burger?

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