Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Plugged Out: Modern Camping

Andy and I have a retirement dream.

Sell the house, get a small place in the city and then buy a lot in upstate New York and erect a little prefab house. Of course, my dream won't happen for another 16 years once Elke graduates high school, and my plan can change 500 times. But whatever. This is the dream for now.

I wrote a post about modern cabins (click link to check out) for Organic Authority based on that dream. My favorite is the half house/half campground nestled in the mountain range outside of Tokyo (from Dwell, of course), shot by amazing photographer Dean Kaufman. Two yellow dome tents. Indoor-outdoor living. There's electricity, kitchen and water, but as the architect said--it's not exactly a house. Click here for a full gorgeousity slide show tour.

Two yellow dome tents acting as bedrooms. Smoke coming from fire pit on deck outside of kitchen. How fun would it be to sleep in that yellow tent?

 Camping with a clawfoot tub!

Look at the views. Fire pit. A must.

 Cast iron stove in the kitchen. And completely unrelated, but I can't help myself. How awesome is his hair? Long natty dreads!

Climbing wall inside the house! OMG.

We used to go to a cabin in the "country" - at least that's what we called it as a kid. Really, it was the Poconos, but who's counting. My mother's boyfriend, Joe, who we lived with for 4 years, and who was an incredible influence on me when I was younger, owned the house. It was an incredible getaway. The kind of house where my mother would open the doors and say, "Get the hell outside." I remember my brother and I fighting over Monopoly. (Me bossy? Shocking.) And when Joe's kids would come and visit -- two girls around the same age that we loved--the 4 of use would just comb the woods behind the house searching for rocks, wild berries, leaves. Any old thing we could make a pretend world out of.

In the summer, we'd fish at the lake. We'd take walks down the dirt road. We had ONE little black and white tv with those bunny ear antennas. Man, living the easy life, I tell you. I dream of that kind of experience for my kids. The kind of place where DSI is not allowed. No iPhone (that includes me too). No computer. No fucking Wii. Can someone give me a Hallelujah!

Maybe that retirement dream will come early. Maybe we'll be able to afford a tiny patch of land one day in the middle of nowhere. Put up a tiny prefab and we'll all camp out in the middle of the room. I'll light a fire on the pit in the back and I'll tell the kids to stay up to watch the stars. Plugged out.

When my mom and Joe broke up, we stopped going to the house. It was such a terrible feeling, not to have that outdoor space. And of course, I missed Joe too. Yet still, I love having that memory of us together there. Kara and Meg, Joe's daughters, were like sisters to me. I wonder if they feel the same.


  1. My family has a cottage that I was unable to go to last summer, having procured a "grown up" job for a co-op placement. I really really missed it. Always being a city person, I realized that maybe my retirement dream (although many many decades away) is more in line with yours than I ever thought it would be.

  2. Hey Allison, yes, I just feel that for me it has to be a balance between country and city. It's good for your head, your health, and your soul. An aesthetic ying and yang of sorts, right?


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