Friday, May 6, 2011

Office Makeover Part Deux: The Bookcases

Okay, the big bad office makeover is finished. Really, it was more of an office take down, as in TAKE DOWN THOSE DAMN SHELVES. Sorry if I'm screaming. I'm just very excited. We spent an entire day removing the television and clearing the shelves. We got our lazy asses in gear to put together three Billy Ikea bookcases.

Okay, here is the before.

Here is the after. Drum roll...

Clean, white, streamlined and functional. Yay!

Since the room is so tiny, here's another angle:

And another:

Next week is my trip with my two sister-in-laws and mother-in-law to Brimfield, Mass. and home of the largest outdoor antique/flea market you've ever seen in your life (or something like that), where we will be buying some  holy gorgeousity for these bookcases. If you're at all curious as to where my bookcase inspiration comes from, please let me introduce you to's head-decorating-bitch-in-charge, Jamie Meares. Not only does she run a series called Bookcase of the Day, but she's got a playful decorating design that I love.

I'll leave you with one of her bookcase showboats. For the record, I don't love the picture floating on the bookcase look-- too obstructive!--but I love the design of the bookcase itself. And the tables... and the couch... and the windows... and the pillow...

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