Friday, May 27, 2011

I Got Another Confession to Make: I Let My Kids Eat Fruit Loops

Okay, that's not such a biiiiig confession. But I've been listening to Foo Fighters a lot lately (and got tickets to see them in September. Yes, can't fucking wait.). "The Best of You" has become my new running song. Pushing up that hill. "Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you...." God, that man Dave Grohl makes me wanna be a rock star or get naked or something. Anyway!

This is a big admission for me. I'm a Whole Foods shopping, health food eating, vitamin taking, organic-buying, mama. Yet I allow a few chemically-laced foods to slip through the cracks. Fruit Loops on weekends and vacations. (If you also feed your child Fruit Loops, but, like, all the time, you might want to check out my new blog post for Organic Authority where I interview Charity Curley Mathews, who gave me healthy breakfast recipes for kids. She writes about feeding her adorable daughters on her blog, Foodlets.)

I actually feel a little embarrassed because my friends and family expect me to only have healthy options in the house. Can I tell you something else?

Sometimes I buy.... Doritos. Holy crappy! But they're so good.

It's funny because I've always been the kind of person, even when I was a kid, to head for the more natural option. When my brother was filling up his bowl with Capt'n Crunch, I was eating Grape Nuts and Wheat Chex.

But now, there's so much more of an understanding about the connection between healthy foods and kids' behavior that once you are educated about it, it's very hard to go back to the junk food aisle.

Look, I drank Tang as a kid because that's how I got my "vitamins." I still pick up a bag of M&M's every once in a while. My pasta isn't whole wheat. And yes, please forgive me, but the mosquito problem is so bad in my neighborhood that I actually spray my children with deet. I do. I'm sorry kids. I love you, but if I don't spray you with deet, you are covered in welts. (We are buying a CO2 canister that  kills mosquitoes this summer, but I'm guessing there's something unhealthy about that too? Oy.)

I got another confession to make. How 'bout you?


  1. I feel like I've read your blog before ? Either way, I'm glad I'm here now, and adding you so I don't lose you again!

    I am like you. Totally into healthy eating but there are things we do that don't fit with that. Like ice cream!

  2. Yes, you have. I took time off for a while and now back writing it.

    This weekend it was cheesecake. Too tired to say no!


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