Monday, May 16, 2011

Heathers Revisited

Is it weird to post on a teenager's blog?

As I was reading through Jane Pratt's new blog,, I did a little searching about Tavi, the 15 year old who started the blog,, who helped Jane launch the new site. Tavi's a famous blogging goddess. (Tavi's street cred + Jane's cred=great material? One hopes.) But I digress.

Tavi had a post about her Heathers-inspired outfit. This girl. This 15-year-old girl keeps it real. She's wearing a "Teenage Suicide" t-shirt. A Winona and Christian necklace. A "Haley" necklace that she found somewhere. Jesus tights. Jesus tights! Man. How I love this girl.

It's refreshing to see someone younger than you--than me-- get caught up and appreciate pop culture in the way that meant so much when it first came out. It's a revival of your own youth of sorts. Isn't it? It makes me remember back to the days when Liz and I used to sit in the corner of parties "playing" Heathers and dreaming of who we could poison with drinks of drain cleaner (lovingly mixed with O.J., of course). And how that summer we took my video camera. Yep. Video. How we made up our own version of Heathers--Jen, Amy, Liz and I. Taking turns filming each other plot our deaths. We were 18-year-olds with wild imaginations.

I remember my father's secretary telling me once during one of my rants of a movie she just had to see, "You are a breath of fresh air." Is it scary that I'd say this to this 15 year old girl now?

So I wrote on Tavi's blog. Me and all the 15-year-olds. A picture of me and Elke snuggling in all my motherhood in my profile picture next to my words, so clearly the odd one out here.
"Hi, I think that was my necklace, and I gave it away because I couldn't find a second "Y". Gag me with a chainsaw. And I mean that as the highest compliment ever. "
I really did.


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