Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For Tuscaloosa: Two Essays And Help

Brevity, the uber-short non-fiction journal that I've sent a few essays to--but have been rejected by (dammit!)--posted two new essays  about the tornado that tore down Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Besides being an extremely low-income area, it was also home to the University of Alabama's MFA program.

Please read the essays and if you can, donate to the causes--the West Alabama Food Bank or the Give Tuscaloosa Tornado relief funds.

I donated to both, but was struck with sadness by the West Alabama Food Bank's "secret meals for hungry children." According to the Alabama Credit Union's website, there are many children in Alabama who go to school after a weekend of not eating. They eat tremendously at the beginning of the week and hoard food at the end of the week.

My kids eat so much that they're on the verge of turning into Cheddar Bunnies. I read about these kids hoarding food and my heart broke. Hungry children? Come on. It just shouldn't be, man.

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