Friday, May 13, 2011

Bookcase Makeover Part III

Went to Brimfield, Massachusetts yesterday with my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law and, man, did we have fun. Gorgeous day. Flea market and antique heaven. Change of scenery. No children. Drove home with one headlight and no GPS or usable cellphone... but hey, there's nothing like an adventure to get you in a good mood. SO.

I want to get to the bookcases which are coming together so nicely.

Upper shelf, you'll see a collection of clocks; I stumbled across these from a man selling these amazing burlap chandeliers. He had a box of old non-working clocks in the corner of his booth. $10 a clock. For unworking clocks? Okay, so he sold me 3 for $20. Good deal.

Clocks. One is a little on its side, but feels Rolling Stone-ish to me. Tiiiime is on my side. My SIL bought us one more. The WORKING clock that sits on the end. That was nice of her.

Old seltzer bottle. I think. What is that thing? It's funky bottle for $10 with a swirly metal top. Andy said apothecary. I came home with this. Maybe I'll move our collection of little brown bottles to the same shelf. Fun to play.

More Brimfield pix to come. Antlers. Parisian paintings. Industrial chairs. Metal letters. Naked mermaids. (Is there any other kind?)

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