Friday, April 29, 2011

Yo, NYC--What You Got Against Farmers' Markets?

In a surprising interview last week with Brian Lehrer, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer talked about a new study detailing the obstacles farmers are facing getting into New York City farmers' markets. Obstacles and farmers?

Oh, the outrage. My head is about to bounce from my neck.

Union Square's Greenmarket is one of my favorite places in the world--couldn't imagine the park without the teeming booths of food, veggies, flowers, breads and everything else good and natural under the sun. Some of the issues farmers are facing: large upfront costs, ticketing from police, fees, applications... blah, blah, red tape, blah blah, infuriating, blah blah.

Wal-Mart is looming around the corner like the big bad wolf... They'll make it easy-peasy for produce to be sold if NYC doesn't get their farmers' market problem under control. Hopefully this new study will shed a light and make change happen.

Here's more of this story I wrote for Organic Authority:

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