Monday, April 4, 2011

Mama's Got a Brand New Office

When Andy moved in with us, he had two requests:
1. A man room where he could watch sports uninterrupted and work.
2. Double sinks.

Here is a current picture of what is housed in the man room.
Shelved between copies of Natural Geographic and the series "What Every Teacher Should Know..." rests the true use of the room. Squint your eyes. See those titles? Goofy's Road Trip. Shrek. Brother Bear. The Man Room has become a child's space for viewing rated-G movies.

I even gave Andy this Stud pillow last year so he could try to take back the man room.
It didn't work. See Jake's yellow wrist band on the arm of the chair? More evidence that Stud has been replaced by Child.

I wondered then, why was it that Mama, who works from home, was stuck smack in the middle of the first floor (an alcove off the front hall -- a lot of light, no privacy) when Stud and Child both get to take solace in a room with a door? Even more, now that it's basketball season, Jake and Andy have turned the downstairs television into an NBA nightly party which I don't see ending until the playoffs are over -- and when is that, June? To make matters worse, Elke's toys were piling up across my desk.

So I moved. To the small alcove off my bedroom.
I was never for an in-bedroom office for all sorts of reasons. Paper, files. Feng shui experts will tell you it's not a good idea to have work in the bedroom. Crossing too many emotional boundaries. But if i keep it super streamlined like columnist Meghan Daum who has nothing on her desk... Okay, I'm gonna strive for that. And if you look at the photo above, the space really is defined. (Read: I have no other options.) Maybe with a small, white file cabinet, get rid of the zappos box, add a few pillows and a zebra rug like this one from Ballard....

The other step: removing tv and shelves from Andy's office. My carpenter said it would cost about $300 to take down the shelves, remove the television and patch the holes in the wall. $300? I'm strapping on a tool belt. Bookshelves courtesy of Ikea's Billy shelves. White and sparkly. Next step: bring all files, books, etc., into Andy's office so that our bedroom isn't cluttered with papers and papers and papers, and then, sir, we've got a compromise that doesn't feel so awful. And when friends say, "Why does Andy have an office/man room and you don't?" I can say: "Excuse you. It's a shared office."

Here's what the shared space looks like now. I didn't even get a shot of the floor. You can hardly open the door. Not a great use of space.
Wow, I love posting about decorating projects! More to come.

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