Sunday, April 24, 2011

Keratin: The Hair Treatment That Changed My Curl

An Ode to the Keratin Hair Treatment
For years, I spent hiding
from humidity and rain.
My frizz circled the globe
in an untamed mane.

My curly tentacles were oft found
tied up in a bun.
The poor tresses, you see,
didn't get much love.

Hours and dollars were spent
testing plenty of products.
As a teen, I'd coat my locks
with chemical straightening dollops!

Pools were nixed
Rubber bands on my wrist fixed.
My son, one day, said, "Mommy, you're so scary"
"Why?" I asked. His response: "Too hairy!"
(See this hair post for recap,)

My hair dresser said,
"You're a keratin candidate."
"Your hair will shine through
in weather you hate!"

My thoughts were of worry;
the process took four hours.
Until I witnessed my hair's loose curl--
and was amazed by such power!

A week of humidity
and my curl is still perfected.
Every penny was worth it.
Oh frizz and kink--you've been rejected!

Me, and my proud moment of non-frizzy, relaxed hair.
I hear angles chanting in the background behind me.


  1. I'm a keratin user too. Best hair of my life. I have watched with dismay as recent reports have confirmed that yep, it's alive with formaldehyde, no matter what the box says. I'll probably keep taking my chances though.

  2. no-frizz vs. poison. hum. good debate, but no frizz-wins every time.


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