Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weigh Your Rocky Relationship. With Rocks. And Sand. And Water. (Or something like that.)

I know I shouldn't poke fun.

But it's just too easy.

StepHeroes newsletter this week is about your rocky relationship. And I thought - wow, maybe they have a legitimate topic.

Maybe there's really something to the second marriage being a difficult one. Dealing with the ex. Dealing with the visitation. The two kids. The stepparent in the house.

So I opened this email: "Rocking Relationships."

Apparently, if you pour buckets of sand and rocks into one large container, and then look at another empty container you'll figure out how to focus on what's most important, and that may or may not be your rocky relationship. Or maybe you're supposed to listen to sand falling into the cracks between the rocks with a pitcher of water and then watch pebbles fill in spaces between the cracks. I swear to GOD that's what it says.

Say whaaaa? WTF???

Why be so vague and cryptic StepHeroes Newsletter? How about take an actual issue and solve the problem. Here are a few actual problems we've been dealing with. Do you take child to Star Wars Concert two hours away in Philadelphia on weekend that is yours, or negotiate for a Sunday that's not yours? Do both of you go to soccer practice even if it's not your weekend? How do you handle Halloween? Does one parent stay home? Or do you suck it up to trick-or-treat with the ex? (I think I'll tackle all of these in another blog post).

Okay. Here's another one. Andy and I have been struggling with all the regular stuff that everyone struggles with. His stuff. My stuff. The kids stuff. Schedules. No sleep. Time.

So here's what Andy did to smooth out the rocky. He sent me this email.

"hot date!!! let's get a sitter for this weekend- we have not been out the two of us
in a looooong time- dinner and a movie

let's put this parenting thing on the shelf for an evening of no
reading solo on the couch or being mesmerized by
Perez Hilton and Lilo"

I'd like to point out three things that my husband did in this email and it does not involve measuring sand and/or pebbles or filling in cracks with sand and/or pebbles.

1) He used the word "hot." I don't know about you, but that always works for me.
2) Sitter. Do I need to say any more?
3) Honesty: parenting on shelf. (Yes.) No reading solo. (Yes.) Mesmerized by LiLo. (Am I the only one who still feels sorry for this girl?)

Hot date. I'm ready.

Take a shelf rocky.

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  1. Your husband has the right idea! Hope your date went well. I find it to be such a relationship boost to have an evening with just my husband and I too.

    Which reminds me...I think I may be due for a 'hot date'!


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