Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Personals Ad: Teeth Welcome

Big-blue-eyed, six-month-old baby, who loves when brother chants "Bad, Bad, Baby!" who can sit up, and who has fabulous fashion sense (look at those silver booties! and leggings!), is looking for mouth that doesn't require such painful teeth.

On the other end of the spectrum in a small town in New Jersey...

Five-year-old boy who tells horrible knock-knock jokes, and whose mother laughs at all knock-knock jokes, except for one when I stupidly responded, "That was just terrible," and then watched little boy's face sink into the depths of depression, is looking for teeth to fall out.


  1. Ugh! Teething! Hayley, I feel your pain. I have an eleven month old and it feels like she's been teething for the last 8 months straight. Sleep! I'd love some sleep!

    On the other hand, look at your little guy sitting so nice for his fluoride treatment. Good job! (they don't all do that, you know)

  2. oh! and oh~! what cuties patooties!

  3. maggie, carolyn, thank you!

    Yes, sleep would be nice. It's an after thought now, though isn't it? As in sleep, oh, yes, I remember that...

    I can feel her little suckers popping through the gums. One was actually bleeding a bit yesterday. She's got it rough!


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