Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beach, Baby. Beach.

i watch the sprinkle of the sun as i feed her
her sips linger on her lips
his voice, erupting from below. "i can surf mommy."
and i see him at the shore
running to the crest of the wave, smacking his body at the water
sand nestled in his hair as i smear more lotion
dolphins arcing over the horizon
"forecast was wrong. no rain tonight."
sun gold and pink
surfers lingering, bobbing
umbrella up
mommy digging beaten toes into sand with baby on hip
"more kadima tomorrow. i'll beat you then."


  1. Oh!
    We went to the beach yesterday, and while not perfect, it was...perfect.
    So's your poem.

  2. Thank you magpie! Glad you had a perfect and not-so-perfect day at the beach too...


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