Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The View From The Floor

This was the gap week where I was supposed to hang with the family... have the unscheduled free time summer should give to all of us lucky souls. It's a discussion Andy and I have been having. Camp all summer for the boy with the boundless energy or some down time. I voted down time. And then came the UTI. And the ENT. You know the rest.

Was feeling better yesterday. Chiropractor cured the ear pain. Apparently it all stemmed from my neck, and maybe all just can be chalked up to leaning over too much with a four-month-old baby. So Andy, Jake and I went to the beach. Left baby girl with the babysitter. I swear to you, I was opening an umbrella! That's all! Now my back is withered and weary. There are worse things in life, but I am just one of those people. An illness hits me, and then I spiral.

So it's just me and the dog. The injured mutts. (That's a comfy cone around Daisy's neck, an alternative to those plastic cones that keep doggies from eating their sutures.)

With all the bitching aside, we had a beautiful day at the beach. And this morning I got to see, and hear, my little boy read an entire book on his own. Man, reading just happens. It's something so amazing. And it was all from the floor - where I was left to lay with ice packs.

What else did I notice from the floor?

The skylight needs cleaning. (But aren't the trees lovely?)

Someone put gum under the coffee table. Hum. Interesting.

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  1. hah! kids leave great surprises. sorry about your back. i take fish oil daily because it has, amongst other things, amazing anti inflammatory properties. it is wonderful for people who tend to have pulled or strained muscles. :)


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