Friday, July 24, 2009

Holy Hair

Clumps and lumps and strands and mounds of my hair are falling out. As I speak. Just dipping, and dripping to the point that I'm tripping on them. The baby is ending up with globs of it around her little fingers and saliva-covered fists. It's all over the sink basin. The floor. My pillow.

Online last night, I read that the excessive mound of post-natal hair shedding could morph into a dangerous baby tourniquet! An unsuspecting mother could unknowingly cut the circulation off her baby's little chubby finger if a strand gets too tightly wrapped around it... all because of... hair.

Now, I have written here about how much I love long hair. I love my husband's hair, even when it's greasy. I almost had a nervous breakdown when Jake's hair got cut short.

In my early 20s, my hair used to come out in clumps in the shower. I mean disgusting amounts. I never thought about it twice, except for - ewh, that's gross. But now, now I'm not in my early 20s. Now, I'm getting close to 40, and hair falling out just doesn't seem right. I know it's normal. I understand it will stop. I think I'm at the five-month peak, actually, but still, there's this nagging feeling that I'm getting close to menopause and losing my hair is one of the symptoms of that... and was it my imagination, or was I oh so hot in the house the other day even though the air conditioning was on.

Oh, that's right, I remembered, coming back to the world of the sane. I'm on the IUD. (Which could also cause hair loss. Don't get me started.) And I just had a baby.

Andy said to me a few days ago, holding his hands anxiously over his head, "Babe, I think I'm losing my hair."

I love my husband, but, bitch, please.

Does this look like a man losing his hair?


  1. LOL. Man's got plenty of hair.

    I remember when that post partum hair thing happened, it was kind of wild. But it's nothing like when my mother's hair fell out after chemo & radiation.

  2. oh, gosh, i bet that was horrible. i remember my friend who was being treated for breast cancer and going through chemo when she was getting married. there was just a scarf in her hair, and a flower behind her ear. she was the most beautiful thing...


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