Friday, July 10, 2009

But It's Summer

I keep saying it's summer. As if no one knows. To remind myself to relax. To stop all the running that I've been writing so much about. To take a nap with the baby. To enjoy the pool in the afternoon. Kids should have unstructured time. Time to just sit. To read on the porch. No where to be.

So when Jake said, "Can I take a shower outside tonight?" I looked at Andy and said, "It's summer."

"Come on, buddy. I'll hose you down," Andy said.

Jake ran to the back door and stripped off his clothes.

"The water's going to be cold," I said.

Andy went for the hose. Too much of a smile on his face as he put the stream on jet. "It's summer," he said.

Jake ran, soaked and naked through he yard. The grass thick and moist. His feet muddy. Smoke from the neighbor's grill making its way through the fence.

"Mom, can I pee in the grass?"


"Come on, it's summer."

1 comment:

  1. That boy is lucky that no cops were around!!!


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