Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Building Blocks

I'm finally feeling better after two weeks of overall crappiness and being run down. It hasn't been the greatest year of health for me. Before the being run down stuff, there was the mastitis. Then there was the pregnancy. I have this beautiful baby girl to show - but man, the process of getting her into this world was a tough one. Hyperemisis. Hospitalized twice. Severe vertigo.

But here she is, this beautiful baby. Who looks exactly like her daddy.

And she's the star in our life. We're all in love with her.

Now I have to start taking care of myself. Mommy neglect is nothing new to any of us. We're fabulous multi-taskers. Terrible at taking care of ourselves. I do know how to take care of myself. I worked at a health food store in San Francisco for years. Years before Whole Foods came to town there was Thom's Natural Foods on 36th and Geary. I sold and recommended vitamins and herbs and well-being.

And now look at me. Stacks of vitamins in the pantry. My evening primrose oil. My sinus tincture. My immune builder. My food-based daily vitamin. My green powder. Who is taking all of this stuff? Because I know it's not me.

Well, this has got to stop. I read Maggie May's blog today (she's an incredibly poetic and articulate writer) who wrote about how she cured herself of endometriosis with supplements and a better diet. No more fries and coke for lunch? I get it.

Okay, so does this mean I'm going to cut out my coffee and soy creamer? Probably never.

But I need to focus on what makes me healthy. Step by step. Sun salutations in the morning even if I can't get to yoga class. Walking with the baby if I can't run. Building blocks. The basics of good health.

Daily vitamin. Omega-3's. Water. Getting to bed (somewhat early), even if it's only a few days a week.

Until I have this.

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