Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm a Mutt

It's not really about my last name. Sure, I can make jokes that looking at the class list for Jake's new kindergarten class and not seeing my last name there makes me want to call up the secretary and have the list changed. Krischer. I'm a Krischer.

But am I?

If my daughter is an Adler, and my son is a Fentress, then that makes me a mutt. A Krischer, Adler, Fentress mutt.

I love my Daisy mutt. Got her in Brooklyn 10 years ago. She had the sweetest profile. I remember eye lashes. Do dogs have luxurious eye lashes? Daisy did. This is what I remember. Dark eyes, a sweet little face pressed up against the pavement. Them telling me that 15 other people had signed up to take her. "I have a backyard," I told her adopted parents. Then I smiled. Signed the papers. Got the girl out of Brooklyn and into the 'burbs.

When Daisy first started going to the vet, we called her Fentress-Krischer. Then that changed. When she had her operation the other day (torn ACL - she's doing fine) and Andy picked her up, I realized he'd be getting her under the name Krischer. It's not something that Andy cares much about. He teased me once or twice about not taking his last name. His other sister-in-laws have taken the last name Adler. Maybe if things were different. Maybe if Jake was also an Adler. But maybe not. Filling out legal documents isn't really my thing.

My ex suggested the other day that maybe Jake would want to be a Krischer-Fentress. It's not necessary, I told him. Both my kids have different last names from each other and me because they just... do. Not the first time I've written about the kids having different last names, and not the last time it'll come either.

So my dog is a Krischer. A mutt. Just like me.

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